About the Artist

About the Artist

Hello, I am Claire and I paint vibrant art for animal lovers.

I have always had a passion for colour and I think a painting should be fun, expressive and a talking point. Animals are my other love, their kind expressive faces are often over looked in our busy world and so I try to combine their gentleness with bright colours to give a unique look at the natural world. 


Why animals?

Animals are beautiful souls with an ability to touch our lives in ways we cannot explain. Everyone has a favourite animal and a sweet little face smiling out at you from a frame can help you start the day with a smile.

Why watercolour?

I work in pen and watercolour. I can be quite impatient to get what is in my head onto the paper, hence the loose washes of paint, splatters and then finer detail added in pen. I aim to capture a moment in the animals life rather than a stilled portrait. 

Watercolour is a beautiful medium, there are infinite colours available, all of which can blend and mix on the paper to create unique works of art. I will never tire of watching the colours swirl and mix.

I hope my paintings make you smile and you find one that you love enough to add to your home.